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Xtreme Bounce Party Hire's/Perth Sumo Suit Hire's Frequently Asked Questions

What time can I hire a jumping castle?

Basically, whenever the sun is shining. We need to be able to see what we are doing as do the kids playing on the castle.

8am - 6pm (Our half Day rate is 4 hours and our Full Day rate is 9am - 5pm)

Sometimes we can extend the time a bit depending on circumstances but give us a call to find out how busy we are on the particular day of hire if requiring later than the times listed above. We also hire castles OVERNIGHT for parties finishing later than times above (please see below Q and A)

Can I hire a castle overnight?

Yes, as long as the inflatable will be in a secure yard (i.e. fenced) with no loose animals in the yard overnight we will leave it with you overnight. It just gets switched off at the end of the night. We do require a Bond overnight ($100-$200 generally) to ensure the castle comes back clean as it came to you and is reinflated the next morning to air of any dew.

Overnight hire is for when you require a finish time later than specified above (i.e. party finishes at 9pm). We don't work this late as we have long enough days as it is and the castles are extra hard work in the dark.

Overnight hires require customers to have sufficient lighting to make the castle safe for use.

Do you require a deposit?

Generally, Yes we do, $75 to secure your booking via credit card or EFT.

What happens if you cancel a booking?

Weather Cancellations:

Bookings cancelled due to severe weather (either by you or us) will have a credit held by us for 12 months to use at a later date. (This can be extended at our discretion) Please note bookings where the staff have left our warehouse will not be credited as we have costs to cover. The weather is out of all of our control and an important factor when using inflatables. We will advise of the forecast at least the day prior to hire and this is when bookings can be cancelled/altered.

In instances where we have advised of the forecast and the customer wishes to proceed, and the equipment does not end up being utilized during hire there will be no credit. We give ample opportunity to cancel prior to this time and once we have loaded up and got on site, the job is considered done as it costs us in wages, the equipment not being available, equipment getting wet in transport, not being able to be hired indoors etc.

Cancellations for any other reason:

Bookings cancelled due to weather (either by you or you) please see the above.. This includes last minute cancellations based on weather with minimal notice. The weather is out of all our control and an important factor when using inflatables. If we need to cancel and we have begun to setup the booking will be charged in full.

If you cancel a booking for any other reason you will incur:

No charge and deposit refunded if cancelled a minimum of two weeks prior to event.

Between 1-2 weeks’ notice deposit not refunded and 5% of the booking total may be charged.

Less than 1-week notice, deposit not refunded and full booking may be charged.

Less than 72 hours’ notice, full booking will be charged.

Please understand that if you have booked an item it stops it from being able to be hired elsewhere. It can also stop us from taking other bookings as you're booking slot has been taken and we are generally running at full capacity. We do book out a lot so if you cancel due to a change of mind you have more than likely cost us another job or two and hence will need to be charged the price of your booking.


A deposit of $75 is required within 48 hours of making a booking unless this has been specifically stated. If you do not meet this obligation, then your booking may be cancelled.

Hirer gives Xtreme Bounce Party Hire/Perth Sumo Suit Hire the authority to charge the credit card provided to them for any cancellation fees, cleaning fees or any other charge associated with their hire.

Please understand that if you have booked an item it stops it from being able to be hired elsewhere. It can also stop us from taking other bookings as you're booking slot has been taken and we are generally running at full capacity. We do book out a lot so if you cancel due to a change of mind you have more than likely cost us another job or two and hence will need to be charged the price of your booking.

Booking Alterations:

If equipment needs to be changed due to weather, access, set up space or any other reason we reserve the right to charge the amount of the original hire equipment even if the booking has been altered to a lower cost inflatable. Why? We still lose out on the original hire and most of the time need to reload runs, job sheets etc which is more work which costs wages. Sometimes we will apply a credit for the difference for future bookings to make up for this.

Please note for any Multiride bookings eg Bucking Bull, Bucking XXX or The Meltdown, we do not offer refunds of deposit for any reason. This is due to the arrangement we have in place with our current insurance provider before accepting your booking and sending you a booking confirmation.

What happens if the castle cannot be set up on the day of hire?

If we are unable to set up the inflatable due to: not having the required access or space, the area being unsuitable due to its surface type (which has not been advised), the area having a slope which would make set up unsafe, not having the required amount of space to set up with appropriate clearance or for ANY other reason which is out of our control and specified on the confirmation email, over the phone or is general common sense: the full amount of the hire can be charged.

All our site requirements are mentioned specifically on the confirmation email and on our website for each item. The last thing we want is to have to not go ahead with the booking. Please understand that it not only cost us the time loading up, driving to the job etc but also means we may have been unable to take other bookings due to having the booking locked in at a specific time and place.

Whilst this is a rare occurrence due to outlining what you need to have a castle, please respect safety will come first above all else.

Does someone from your company stay during the party?
No not for normal private hires at home, you as a parent are the supervisor for the day. Safety information will be provided on and prior to the day of hire. We will stay and supervise at events, fetes etc where required to and can also supervise private hires. Additional costs are below.

How much does Supervision cost for events etc?

Our professional staff are charged from $50 an hour on Weekdays, Saturday and Sunday and start at $60 an hour on Public Holidays.

Travel costs will apply for supervisors on jobs more than 30 minutes out of CBD.

How much space and access do I need for a jumping castle?

As a general rule: about 1.2m wide clear access. See below

This is written on each castles page, please check. Access required is from 1m - 1.5m wide down paths, sides of houses, through gates etc. Area required for set up is listed on the item’s description. We also need to know if there are any stairs or slopes on the way to set up area.

DIRECT VEHICLE ACCESS: is required to within 10m of set up for more than 1 inflatable, corporate hires, events and for all inflatables over 180kg such as Nuclear Meltdown, Xtreme Fun Run, Pacific Slide, Tropical Obstacle etc. If the inflatable looks big in the photos it is also big when rolled up!

How long does it take to set up/pack up the castle?
It only takes about 20- 40 minutes to set up and the same to pack up the castle. Our installers are very efficient and there is no need for our customers to lift a finger.

Access is the biggest factor in the time it takes, the clearer the access the quicker we are.

Does the Jumping Castle have to be set up on grass?
No, we can set the jumping castle up on any reasonably flat surface such as pavers, dirt, gravel, driveways, artificial grass etc. It just must be free of any major sharp hazards. We use heavy duty vinyl tarps to protect your surface and our castles. Safety mats are also provided. Charges for surfaces other than grass may apply, generally $60+ per inflatable.

How do I book my jumping castle hire?
To book one of the newest and most exciting Jumping Castles in Perth please click the book now button on our website:

How much does it cost to hire Jumping Castle?

Xtreme Bounce Party Hire costs are very reasonable, our hire prices range from only $150 for our awesome castles!

What happens on the day of hire?
On the day of hire one of our installers will arrive to set up the castle at an arranged time well before the party. Generally, 45 minutes prior to your booking commencing (i.e. 11.15am set up for a 12-4pm booking). All they need is someone to be home, show them where the castle is to be installed and they can access power. Sit back and leave the rest to us.

What if I don’t have the space required to set up a castle?

We suggest places such as your local community centre, church, halls, school, public parks or even a friend’s house as possible places to have your birthday party and fit the castle in. Our castles can go indoors in such places with very high ceilings. They are generally quite easy to get booked in and only cost a small fee to hire. Can often save a huge clean up after as well!

Does someone need to supervise the jumping castle hire?

Yes, it is always fundamental that a responsible person over 18 years of age (parent) supervise the jumping castle whilst it is hired. We will give training in the safe operation and supervision of the jumping castle or hire equipment on the day of hire.
For hires in a public place or for corporate/ commercial uses we will have to supply a trained supervisor.

How can I hire a jumping castle in a public park?
Yes you can, it does require permission from your local council or authority, and we suggest you contact them for further information. They do generally charge a small fee but can be a brilliant place to enjoy your special day with friends and family. We will need to provide one of our supervisors for hires in a public place also. Any fee charged by the Shire or Council in relation to your hire or application is the hirer's responsibility. Any overtime rates you may be charged at a public venue is the responsibility of the hirer. Please ensure you book adequate time to allow for setting up and packing up of your hire items. This can vary depending on what you have hired, please ask for the times needed.

Why are Xtreme Bounce Party Hire’s/Perth Sumo Suit Hire's inflatables so safe?
At Xtreme Bounce Party Hire/ Perth Sumo Suit Hire all of our equipment is the best in the industry, seriously! We prefer something high quality that lasts and we take very good care of our castles cleaning/ inspecting them in between hires.
Our inflatables are inspected annually by a Worksafe WA recommended engineer before we deem them fit for hire. All of our Jumping Castles meet and surpass the requirements of the Australian Standard 3533, which is the most comprehensive standard worldwide.
On top of all of this, we as people are hugely safety orientated having our own children. We will go above and beyond to be 100% satisfied with the safe installation of our jumping castles so your children and you can enjoy our castles to the absolute fullest whilst feeling every measure possible has been taken to ensure a safe and happy hire.

Do you have Insurance?

Yes, we carry $20, 000, 000 in product and public liability insurance with the leading provider in the amusement industry. A copy of our certificate of currency is available by requesting one when placing your booking.

Who is liable during the hire?

In terms of the castle being set up safely and fit for operation we are: that's our job! In terms of how the kids use the castle it is up to the hirer who has been instructed by us on the safe use of the castle. Just like it is the driver of a rental cars responsibility to drive it carefully. .

What is your weather policy?
In cases of heavy rain or high winds we reserve the right to cancel your inflatable. A lot of our inflatables are fitted with roofs and most can withstand slight rain. If winds are over 38km an hour we must cancel the booking regardless of the weather. Obviously, we never want this to be the case and can generally work around the weather. If in extreme circumstances we have to cancel we will give a credit to use at a later date.

Please note that in the case that a booking has to be cancelled due to poor weather, or if you decide to cancel due to the forecast, we do have some great alternatives that can be used in smaller spaces undercover, such as under your patio which are still great fun for your party.

What power is required?
A 240volt (normal domestic type) power point should be within 25m of the jumping castle and at most 50m. This power point should be on its own circuit, not with any other high amp drawing electrical devices. If this is not possible the hire will require a petrol blower or generator with an additional cost.

A copy of our Terms and Conditions is available by clicking this link terms-and-conditions-of-hire-and-risk-waiver.pdf

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