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Xtreme Bounce Party Hire have a massive range of inflatable Water slides and castles available to hire in Perth.

We have something here for everyone, whether it is a small water slide for your backyard or a large water slide for an event. Heaps of our Bouncy Castles, Slides and Combos for hire in Perth can be used either wet or dry! Keep the kids out of the heat with our Princess, ‘Cars’, and ‘Planes’ Waterslide combos for hire. Or try the all time favourite ‘Frozen’ wet or dry slide, fully equipped with safety net and pit to catch your little ones safely. For some fun while they’re waiting for another turn, why not try the Hydro Blasters four-station water game. This game is a test of speed; beat your opponent before your water balloon pops! This is a great alternative to the traditional dunk tank and not only saves on water but also is safe to hire at schools and other public recreational areas in Perth.

Do you want a GIANT water slide to hire in Perth? Well you’ve come to the right place. Xtreme Bouce Party Hire has a huge range of wet and dry inflatable water slides for Perth and regional hire. Our huge slides come in a variety of colours and heights to suit every event. Looking to get some height? Hire our Senior Wipe-out Slide or Tidal Slide. Want to go Xtreme? Then go for our Double Wave or Double Speed slide, both a massive 28 Feet! Xtreme Bounce Party Hire Perth also has a host of different slip and slides including both 24 and 26 feet slides with slip and slide as well as the classic Wild Splash slip and slide. But for a slide that is truly memorable you cant go past the Giant Hippo Freestyle XL Slide – and yes, at 52 Metres long… it’s as epic as it sounds.

Our combos and obstacle courses are the best of both worlds; and only get more entertaining when you add water. With these products you don’t have to choose between a Bouncy Castle and a Slide, our combos are fully equipped with both. The kids range of combos are also great for Disney themed parties with designs available for your little princess or ‘Cars’ fanatic. Step it up a size with our Large and Dual Slide and Bouncer combos suitable on almost any surface and great for a larger event. If you’re looking to hire an inflatable waterslide in Perth with a bit of design flare why not go for the two storey Rip-Curl Slide or Tiki obstacle course! All of our inflatable waterslides and bouncers are available for hire in Perth, however we also deliver to country areas! We are frequently delivering to Bunbury, Mandurah, Bussleton, Collie, Rockingham, Kwinana, Armadale, Frematle, Wanneroo, Midland, Rottnest plus many more, just give us a call and we’ll be there!

Keep your guests busy by hiring one of our other inflatable water options like our 6 Water Balls and Pool or a fun game such as the Big Splash Water Dunking Game, a great alternative to the water wasting dunking pool! Its clear Xtreme Bounce Party Hire has a huge range of Water Inflatable Slides and Bouncers for hire in Perth so why not give us a call today and enquire for your next party or event!

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